Leigh Clark died in August 1999, aged 15 years, as the result of massive alcohol overdose.

Leigh was an outgoing, cheerful and mischievous lad with a fanatical devotion to sports. On that cold and wet night, Leigh joined up with a group of young school children who had acquired a large quantity of high strength "Imitation Vodka Essence". The essence was purchased by a parent and given to two other boys in the group. Within 30 minutes Leigh was visibly intoxicated and unable to stand or walk properly. Despite this, his companions allowed him to walk home alone. He collapsed and died just 300 metres from where he was last seen. There are many issues raised by this tragedy, not least the legislation and practices controlling the supply of alcohol to children.

The Leigh Clark Foundation was formed in 2003 with the aim of preventing similar alcohol related tragedies which wreak a terrible toll on our young people.

The aims of the Foundation are:

The Foundation is managed by a board of directors comprising, Mr. Stephen Bartlett (Chairman), Mr. Bruce Clark (Secretary), Mrs. Raelene Buttigieg, Mr. Wayne Walsh and Mrs Andrea Beck.